Have you been hearing about calisthenics and wonder what it’s all about? Have you always wanted to get that ripped body that sports stars flaunt, yet you don’t have enough time or money to sign up at the local gym to access all those shiny equipment and expensive machines? Welcome to the world of calisthenics, where all you need is your body weight, an iron will, and a personal trainer.
Calisthenics is a variety of exercise in which you employ the use of your body weight to get into shape and achieve optimal strength. The word ‘calisthenics’ originated from Greece and were coined from Greek words ‘kallos’ (which means ‘beauty’) and ‘sthenos’ (which means strength). Whichever way you look at it, training for flexibility and strength via pulling, pushing, lifting, and lunging using little or no exercise equipment or machinery, portrays an immutable beauty that’s always admired by all and sundry.



The basic concept behind this form of exercise is to get stamina, endurance, strength, and flexibility without relying on any sophisticated equipment or tools. When you perform calisthenics workouts rigorously and continuously, especially with a personal trainer as a guide, you end up enhancing your aerobic capacity and strength.

Calisthenics workouts are efficient, highly beneficial, and are very versatile. Non-professional fitness aficionados and serious athletes can enjoy the benefits that this form of exercise has to offer. What makes it even more fascinating is that you don’t need to purchase costly equipment or expensive gym memberships to get started with calisthenics. It is full body workout that can be performed anywhere, indoors or out and you can quickly get started when you get a personal trainer.

Calisthenics entails using the weight of your body as resistance, with the usage of exercise kept to the barest minimum. The only essential tools you will ever need are dip and pull-up bars which you can weld at home or purchase at the local market. Just get them installed in your backyard and you are ready to go.
Therefore, as a beginner, the best place to start your physical fitness training regimen is to engage in body weight calisthenics. It will prepare you with a solid base, and you can start adding more advanced endurance or resistance training efficiently and safely. This is the primary reason why you need the help of a personal trainer who will spend enough time with you, to guide you on which workouts to start with as a beginner and how to proceed from that point onwards.


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